Qld police dismiss GC budget cut claims

Ed Jackson

Gold Coast's top police officer has defended the region's service amid claims of understaffing and budget cuts.

Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd, who oversees the Queensland Police Service's southeastern region, says reports of cuts to both budgets and staff numbers in the city are inaccurate.

News Corp Australia reported on Friday allocated police budgets for this financial year in 10 Gold Coast police divisions are more than $1 million less than in the 2015-16 year.

Mr Codd says that claim is "simply inaccurate" and budgets for the Gold Coast region have been increased by almost $1 million since a restructure of the Queensland Police Service in 2014.

He also dismissed fears staff numbers were being cut across the Gold Coast, saying the region had 808 permanent police positions at the time of the restructure and there's 841 permanent positions now.

He said comparing staff numbers before and after the restructure was unfair with specialist services such as dog squad units or forensic teams no longer being tallied in a district's overall staff numbers.

"We are in the middle of planning for our future resource needs," he said.

"That will include the numbers of officers we need, how we deploy ... we're well progressed in planning for a post-Commonwealth Games future."

Mr Codd said staffing wasn't the reason police took almost two hours to respond to an alleged domestic violence incident after a recent triple-zero call.

He said every call to the emergency number is assessed and as the incident in question was no longer occurring when the call was made, it wasn't classed as a priority event.

"We would love to be in a position to be able to immediately respond," he said.

"The reality is we can't be everywhere, every time."

Mr Codd said in calls where priority had been logged police were responding within 12 minutes over 80 per cent of the time.