Qld pedophile awaits release decision

Shae McDonald

Convicted pedophile Douglas Brian Jackway is yet to learn if he will be released from prison following his latest bid for freedom.

The 41-year-old, who was once the prime suspect in the Daniel Morcombe murder case, made his annual application in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday.

The court heard Jackway had made significant progress in the past year, but had not been able to go incident-free as was requested of him during his 2017 review.

Defence barrister John Allen QC said the only incident of note was in July when he made threats to prison officers.

"There was no actual physical violence," he said.

"It's hard to put it above anything more than insubordinate verbal abuse."

All three doctors who gave evidence agreed Jackway's antisocial personality disorder, ability to control his impulses and history of substance abuse continued to pose a risk.

Psychiatrist Dr Andrew Aboud said they could be mitigated to a degree through supervision.

He also said he did not believe Jackway, himself a victim of child abuse, would look for a victim, but was more likely to reoffend when stressed or taking drugs or alcohol.

"Once he's intoxicated he's effectively in a very high-risk situation, in my view, like a time bomb that just takes a potential victim to cross him in order for him to go off," he said.

Justice Graeme Crow will hand down his decision at a later date.