Qld MP denies expense claim affair link

Stuart Layt

Queensland opposition MP John-Paul Langbroek has taken to his sister's radio show to deny rumours he had an affair and billed taxpayers for the privilege.

It's been revealed the shadow health minister spent about $800 over three occasions where he stayed in a hotel in his Surfers Paradise electorate a short drive away from his own home.

Mr Langbroek had previously claimed he was attending events on the nights in question, but social media posters have speculated he was meeting with a mistress or even prostitutes.

Instead of ignoring the claims, Mr Langbroek made an appearance on his sister Kate Langbroek's nationally-syndicated drive show on the KIIS radio network to deny the allegations.

"Where does that come from?" an incredulous Mr Langbroek asked, adding that his wife was with him on all three occasions.

"We were at three charity events together and stayed at this hotel."

Mr Langbroek went on to apologise for making the expense claims, and promised not to do so again, but stressed they were within the rules.

"For the first 10 years I was in, you couldn't do it, and then they said you can," Mr Langbroek told the Hughesy and Kate show.

"But I do understand that people have said 'you can't do that' and so I won't be doing it again."

The show then threw the matter over to callers, asking them if they had ever charged expenses to their business.