Qld motorcyclists targeted for road safety

Sonia Kohlbacher

Motorcyclists across Queensland can expect to be targeted by police in a move to reduce their disproportionate deaths on the state's roads.

Police Minister Mark Ryan on Saturday said motorcyclists represented just four per cent of all road users but accounted for roughly one-in-five traffic fatalities.

The alarming statistic has triggered a greater focus on rider safety in the form of a new campaign to curb the number of deaths, Mr Ryan said.

"They are over-represented in fatalities and injuries as a result of road traffic crashes and the trend is going up," he said.

Fifteen of the 79 people who have died on Queensland roads this year were motorcyclists.

"They're preventable (deaths)," Mr Ryan added.

The state's Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said motorcyclists could expect greater engagement with officers over law enforcement and conversations around safety.

"We're not criticising motorbike riding, we're not questioning motorbike riding, we're just saying to people make good decisions," he told reporters on Saturday.