WATCH: Mum films maggots 'she found in Woolworths strawberries'

A Queensland mother has been left shocked after discovering maggots inside a box of strawberries she claims to have purchased at Woolworths.

Alarna McDermott took to the official Woolworths Facebook page to share a video that revealed tiny white larvae crawling on the surface of her fruit.

"Cheers Woolworths, got a punnet of strawberries from one of your stores last night, opened to find them infested with maggots when iI got home! Lucky my daughter did not get to them first!," she wrote online.

A spokesperson for the supermarket giant was quick to respond to the clip, reassuring the concerned mother looking into the incident was high on their priorities.

Two white maggots can be seen on the surface of a strawberry. Source: Facebook
Ms McDermott took to Facebook to vent her anger. Source: Facebook

"We're very concerned about this, Alarna, and take incidents like this very seriously. For your awareness this has been escalated for immediate investigation," they replied on Facebook.

Ms McDermott told Yahoo7 she was mortified to discover the maggots feeding off the strawberries.

"I opened the packaging to pack some into my daughters lunch for the next day, only to find them crawling with the maggots once I cut them in half," she said.

"I was disgusted and felt sick knowing that my daughter always eats them whole after washing them."

Yahoo7 have contacted Woolworths for comment.

The incident comes just a day after a Melbourne woman discovered a huge spider in her Woolworths prepacked salad.

Brooke Wiramandaden said she felt "physically sick" while Woolworths told her the company was "very concerned" over the incident.

Another customer recently found a spider in her Woolworths salad. Source: Facebook