Qld man found guilty of stabbing murder

Four years ago, Zac Elder witnessed his father Benjamin Suttie's fatal stabbing.

But in the end, Mr Elder didn't have to wait long for a jury to find Harley David Wegener guilty of his dad's murder.

Mr Elder cheered with family and supporters in Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday after a jury took barely three hours to reach their verdict.

"Over the moon. (After) four years, it has finally happened that we have put this bloke away," Mr Elder told media outside court.

In August 2018, Wegener, 34, slashed Mr Suttie's throat in a chance, late night altercation between two groups south of Brisbane.

Mr Suttie, 37, was enjoying a night out with his then 19-year-old son when he was attacked in Prince Park, Woodridge.

Mr Elder took his shirt off to try and stem the flow but could still feel his father's blood spurt into his hands through the clothing.

Mr Suttie's carotid artery had been cut in half.

The murder weapon was never found but medical evidence indicated it had a sharpness almost identical to a surgical scalpel.

Mr Suttie's life support was turned off three days later after suffering multiple organ failure caused by severe blood loss.

Four years later, Mr Elder only had to wait a couple of hours for a guilty verdict.

"I didn't think it was going to take that long but we got it (guilty verdict)," Mr Elder said.

"I am amazing now. I stand proud here today and say 'we did it'."

Wegener responded aggressively after being greeted by Mr Suttie as their respective groups passed in the park in 2018.

Mr Suttie tried to de-escalate the situation but Wegener reached into a satchel and started slashing towards the face and then neck.

Wegener admitted he owned a sharp 30cm fishing knife that he had received as a birthday gift from his brother.

However Wegener claimed he only carried it around to feel safe at his "pretty rough" Woodridge neighbourhood and had no intention of hurting any one.

The knife has never been found after Wegener claimed to have dropped it as he fled the park.

A specialist had never seen a cut as clean as Mr Suttie's slashed artery in their 15 years at Princess Alexandra Hospital, the court heard.

Wegener will be sentenced by Justice Melanie Hindman on Thursday.

Asked how they wanted Mr Suttie to be remembered, his sister Jody Proctor said: "A larrikin - he was the life of the party".