Qld man to face trial over murder of boss

A concreter has been committed to stand trial accused of the murder of his boss after a court heard claims of tension and assaults between them.

Jordan Theodore Van Doorn, 29, was charged with murdering his 59-year-old boss Khalil Ibrahim on October 8, 2021, at the east Brisbane suburb of Cannon Hill.

Van Doorn went to Mr Ibrahim's home on that date and the pair ended up in a physical confrontation that left the older man beaten and with stab wounds.

Van Doorn has previously claimed he acted in self-defence.

Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday heard from three witnesses, including one who said they were left shocked after Mr Ibrahim grabbed Van Doorn's genitals at a job site.

Van Doorn's former colleague testified that they had known the accused for a long time and had got along well with Mr Ibrahim.

The fellow concreter said Van Doorn had started to to have issues with focusing on his work.

Under cross examination by Van Doorn's barrister Scott Lynch, the concreter said Mr Ibrahim was concerned about the accused's job performance.

"There was tension as the job wouldn't get done, Jordan would rock up late," the witness said.

The witness said he was present when Mr Ibrahim grabbed Van Doorn's genitals and said 'I thought it be bigger than that'.

"That was a shock to you and a shock to him?" Mr Lynch asked.

"Yeah," the witness said.

The witness said he did not hear the accused refer to Mr Ibrahim's actions as "sexual assault".

Van Doorn's neighbour Anthony Michael Gibbs testified that police had visited the accused's home on numerous prior occasions for incident relating to noise and alcohol.

Mr Gibbs said Van Doorn was involved in a "punch up with mates" during the COVID-19 lockdown.

In response to the prosecutor's questions, Mr Gibbs said Van Doorn's house and yard were "never tidy" but had deteriorated in the months leading up to Mr Ibrahim's death.

Following the hour-long hearing, Magistrate Judith Daley said there was sufficient evidence for Van Doorn to stand trial.

Mr Lynch said his client did not wish to enter a plea.

The matter will proceed to trial in the Supreme Court at a date to be determined.

Van Doorn was released on bail after Ms Daley expanded a Supreme Court order for bail granted last month.

Van Doorn was also charged on Tuesday with cocaine possession and the matter will be heard separately along with other less serious charges.