Man died after attack for smokes, phone

Cheryl Goodenough

A Brisbane man died five days after being battered during an attack by four teenagers who stole his cigarettes and phone, a court has heard.

Greg Gardner, 55, was left covered in blood, bruises and abrasions after being beaten in January 2017 by the four boys, aged between 14 and 16 at the time.

Mr Gardner's face was so "badly battered" it was horrifying, his former partner Shayne McConaghy told the Brisbane Childrens Court on Friday.

The teenagers, who cannot be named as they appeared in the Brisbane Childrens Court, only found out about the man's death nine days after the robbery when police searched the Brisbane city share-house they were staying.

Questioned after the raid, some of the boys told police about their involvement in the attack.

Judge Paul Smith told the court on Friday there had been a "significant delay" in the case being finalised.

For two years the four had a murder charge hanging over their heads but that was discontinued in September, Judge Smith said, while sentencing the teenagers on a charge of robbery in company with personal violence.

Ms McConaghy told the court she had gone to see Mr Gardner a few days after the robbery because their daughter had been unable to reach him.

"It scared me seeing Greg that day," she said.

"His face was so badly battered. It was horrifying."

Mr Gardner was hustled by the teens for cigarettes and then beaten after leaving a convenience store about 2.30am on January 10, 2017.

Mr Gardner was taken to hospital in an ambulance but discharged himself before receiving treatment, the court heard.

The four won't face more time in detention for the attack on Mr Gardner, but will serve 12 months probation.