Qld launches domestic violence campaign

Shae McDonald

Queenslanders are being urged to stand up to stop the scourge of domestic and family violence.

The state government and partner media companies launched the Do Something campaign on Sunday ahead of its start on Tuesday.

Advertisements with the hashtag #dosomething will appear on television, online, in cinemas and public spaces throughout May in a bid to encourage more bystanders to take action.

TV presenter Kay McGrath and rugby league legend Darren Lockyer helped launch the initiative.

Mr Lockyer said the phrase he learned during his sporting career, the standard you walk past is the standard you set, also applied to domestic violence.

"If we want to change domestic violence in our society then we all have a part to play," he said.

One in six Australian women over the age of 15 have been subjected to physical or sexual violence at the hands of a partner, compared to one in 16 men.

Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Minister Di Farmer said often victims didn't even know that what was happening to them was not okay.

Ms Farmer said she did not want to see an increase in reporting as a result of the campaign, but if she did it would mean more victims knew there was support available.

"Domestic violence is everywhere. It knows no boundaries, it doesn't take notice of income, race, gender, age, level of education," she said.

"It is often happening to the person you least expect."

Griffith University's Mate Program looks at the importance of the bystander in helping to change attitudes and behaviours.

Director Shaan Ross-Smith urged everyone to "be someone that does something".

"It's not your fault but it is your responsibility to do your bit," she said.

Ms Ross-Smith said it could be as simple as asking a neighbour if they were okay, to defusing an argument between a couple on public transport by asking the time.

"As a bystander you don't get to choose what people do in response so that," she said.

"You get to choose how you're going to be a good human that day."