Qld jeans murder accused wins retrial

Christine Flatley
The man convicted of murdering Queensland mother Alexis Jeffery will face a retrial

The family of a Queensland mother smothered to death with her jeans say they have lost faith in the justice system after the man found guilty of killing her won a retrial.

Robert Trebeck was found guilty in 2016 of murdering mother-of-three Alexis Jeffery, 24, during a night out in Goondiwindi in 2014.

Ms Jeffrey's loved ones say they have lost confidence in the justice system after a court's decision on Tuesday to order a retrial.

"(We) had a sentence but because of a technicality (we have) got to wait and do it all again," her stepfather Chris Allen told the Nine Network on Tuesday.

"And then even if we get the same thing it's going to be (a wait) for another appeal. I don't know what to say."

The pair met at a local pub and were later spotted becoming intimate at a nearby park.

Ms Jeffery's body was found partially clothed on the banks of the town's Macintyre River.

She had been smothered to death with her own pair of jeans.

Trebeck was sentenced to life in jail.

He took his case to the Court of Appeal in Brisbane in February where his lawyers argued the judge did not give the jury specific enough directions before it retired to consider its verdict.

The Court of Appeal on Tuesday upheld his appeal, finding the jury should have been given clearer directions about lies told by Trebeck after the death, and whether they could be found to prove an intent to kill.