Qld Greens want public energy retailer

Queensland consumers would be protected from electricity bill hikes if private energy retailers were axed in place of a single public retailer, the Greens say.

Greens MP Michael Berkman will introduce a bill to create a state-owned retailer and authority to ensure electricity prices mirror production costs to state parliament on Wednesday night.

Almost 48,000 households and about 4100 businesses were repaying energy debts in the June quarter, according to the Australian Energy Regulator.

More than 11500 households were disconnected and 586 businesses were disconnected in the same period.

The federal Treasury has forecast gas prices to increase by 40 per cent and retail electricity prices by 56 per cent in the next two years.

Mr Berkman says private retailers have made massive profits from consumers since Queensland retailers were privatised in 2006.

He says Queenslanders need to be shielded from price hikes, particularly from electricity retailers that are also producers.

"Homes and businesses need to keep the lights on more than corporate executives need a new advertising campaign or another Christmas bonus," the Greens MP said in a statement.

"We need urgent action including a price cap to address the current energy crisis, and permanent changes to stop energy corporations from price gouging Queenslanders for essential services."

Mr Berkman said some oil and gas producers have also been profiteering from the war in Ukraine, while paying minimal tax.

A public energy retailer would complement a federal Greens proposal for a freeze on household electricity bill increases, he added.

"Instead of taxing Queenslanders through their energy bills, we should tax greedy coal and gas corporations to fund a bill freeze and create a publicly-owned energy retailer to deliver at-cost energy for the public good," Mr Berkman said.