Qld grandma slapped family day-care child

Christine Flatley

A Queensland grandmother who repeatedly slapped and pulled the hair of a 10-year-old boy at her family day-care centre has lost the right to work with children again.

The woman was given a $300 good behaviour bond for the assault on the child in 2015, but then tried to renew her government blue card, which would allow her to continue caring for children.

In a written judgment published on Wednesday the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal refused to grant her a new blue card, ruling she was a risk to any child in her care.

The tribunal heard the mother of six and grandmother of four slapped the boy across the face on a number of occasions, and called him a "smart arse".

She also pulled his hair, which she said she didn't see as a physical punishment.

She said she "knew it would hurt but believed it was the only action she could take in that particular situation at that particular time".

The assaults occurred in front of the child's younger brother.

She argued her blue card should be renewed as she was of otherwise good character, and that she had undertaken training in disciplinary strategies since the incident.

However, the tribunal ruled she "lacks insight into the harm that she may have caused to the child and the child's sibling as a result of her behaviour".

"The risk factors outweigh the protective factors," the tribunal found.