Qld govt reveals northern energy super hub

Large scale solar and wind farms in northwest Queensland will be part of a energy "super hub" the state government is planning.

The government is partnering with Fortescue Future Industries and Windlab to construct the first stage of an 800 megawatt Prairie Wind Farm and 1000 megawatt Wongalee project near Hughenden.

The super hub, which will span from the inland town of Hughenden to the coastal city of Townsville, will be fed into the northwestern electricity grid and support large-scale production of green hydrogen as part of the state's 10-year energy plan.

"What we're talking about today is 10 gigawatts - which is the size of all of the renewable investment currently in New Zealand and it's happening here in North Queensland," Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told reporters on Monday.

Ms Palaszczuk said projects of this magnitude would mean "jobs galore" for residents in the region, with construction slated for a 2025 start and 2027 completion.

She said the projects would support north Queensland's future as an energy hub for both state and worldwide exports of clean hydrogen.

"This is our phasing out from the reliance on coal-fired power stations, transitioning through to our clean, renewable energy future," the premier said.

Copperstring, a 1000-kilometre, high voltage electricity transmission network between Mount Isa and the North West Minerals Province, welcomed the government's announcement.

Managing director Joseph O'Brien said Copperstring stood ready to work with government to implement large-scale renewable energy projects in the region.

"In Queensland's Super Grid and Super Hub planning, CopperString is effectively the 'SuperString'. It will connect and deliver these plans," he said.

The 10 gigawatts of clean energy capacity covers nearly half of the government's goals in its 10-year energy plan.

Non-for-profit group Solar Citizens said the geographical scale of the two proposals was astounding.

"Queensland currently has close to three GW of large-scale solar and wind projects, so this hub alone will be more than triple that," said Solar Citizens deputy director Stephanie Gray.

Monday's announcements comes after Queensland-based Ark Energy, a subsidiary of Korea Zinc Ltd, the world's largest producer of zinc, announced their Collinsville Green Energy Hub in September.

That proposal is a three gigawatt renewable energy hub that would develop a supply chain to export more than one million tonnes of green ammonia from north Queensland to Korea by 2032.