Qld govt responds to DV police report

The Queensland Police Service will have the broom put through it, after an inquiry found rampant sexism, misogyny and racism within the force.

It also found a lack of training and resources had caused failures in domestic violence policing.

The government supports 78 recommendations for a restructure "in principle" and has earmarked $100 million for immediate changes, including:

- 300 DV support workers in police stations across Queensland

- 30 DV liaison officers

- 30 cultural liaison officers

- 10 more specialist police prosecutors

- A special co-ordinator for police reform

The key recommendations of Judge Deborah Richards' report include:

* Setting up an independent police integrity unit within the Crime and Corruption Commission to probe all complaints involving police within 18 months

* Appointing a DV victims' commissioner to assist individual victims and survivors, and report on trends and issues involving DV policing

* Set up a DV unit in every police district that operates and can respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, within 18 months

* Hire permanent, full-time LGBTQI liaison officers in every police district within six months

* Hire permanent, full-time DV liaison officers and co-ordinators within six months

* Appoint a First Nations panel to assess and advise on its cultural capability training within 12 months

* Probe all QPS training officers to ensure they have no pending, current or previous DV history within six months