Qld govt mulls new community group funding

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Funding for Queensland neighbourhood and community centres will be reviewed by the state government as part of efforts to address social isolation.

The review follows an inquiry into how the coronavirus pandemic impacted mental health, which found there were many contributing factors to loneliness.

These included a lack of housing, habitual or excessive online activity and geographic isolation.

Most support for people in need came from neighbourhood community centres, the parliamentary committee inquiry found.

The government has now backed an inquiry recommendation for a review of the funding model for the centres to ensure their future.

"The Queensland government is reviewing the funding model to support the long-term viability of neighbourhood and community centres and their ability to continue to respond to local, place-based community need," it said in its response to the inquiry recommendations released on Monday.

The government has also backed a recommendation to develop a 10-year state-wide strategy to address social isolation and loneliness.

Isolation and loneliness are experienced by people in every age group, new parents, defence force employees, people with mental and physical health issues and migrants from diverse cultural backgrounds, the inquiry found.

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