Qld family business hits back at Labor

Gemma Najem

A Queensland business affected by Labor's promise to roll back legislated tax cuts has hit out at the announcement, saying it could affect their plan to hire more staff.

Joel Heazlewood, General Manager of Coxons Group Australia, says his company would be greatly impacted by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's election promise to rescind tax cuts for businesses with turnovers between $10 million and $50 million.

Mr Shorten announced the plan in Canberra on Monday, saying Labor was still considering what it will do about tax cuts already in place for businesses with turnovers between $2 million and $10 million.

Treasurer Scott Morrison said the "terrible" tax decision amounts to a $20 billion tax hike on about 20,000 businesses, including Coxons Group Australia, which provides a radiator repair service in the Rockhampton area.

"A grandmum and granddad business. The son is working in the business. They are out there doing their bit for their family, for their community, for their country and Bill Shorten's present for Coxon's Radiators is a kick in the guts," Mr Morrison told reporters.

Mr Heazlewood agreed.

Corporate tax cuts which passed through parliament last year had meant savings could be reinvested into the family-owned business with money for new equipment, he told AAP.

The company, which employs close to 40 people, has been looking to employ another 10 people in the next financial year, but Labor's plans could help sway this decision, Mr Heazlewood said.

"We're trying to grow our business and those tax cuts...send a bad message to our small community of businesses," the general manager said.

"That's family businesses. They're companies like my business, when times are tough we hold our staff and help them through, not like big businesses that just let people off.

"We invest ourself in towns."