Qld calls for federal Gonski funding

Christine Flatley

Queensland's education minister says the federal government must give states more money if school standards are to improve in line with the latest Gonski report recommendations.

Grace Grace says the Queensland government is committed to ensuring teachers are better trained and classrooms better equipped to turn around the decline in academic performance Australia has experienced since 2000.

However she says improvements to schools cost money, which should at least in part come from the federal government.

"It's easy to say we want the very best teachers, we want the very best principals but quite clearly we need to up the professionalism and up the standards and up the social recognition of teachers ... and to do that it does require funding, and to get more teachers it requires funding and we need the Commonwealth government to step up," she told ABC radio on Monday.

"We want to work with them but they've got to put their money where their mouth is to ensure that if they want reviews and they want to implement certain conditions on all of the states that they have to come to the party."

Ms Grace will meet on Friday with other federal, state and territory education ministers to be briefed by David Gonski who will outline the report's 23 recommendations.

The federal government has already given in-principle support to the recommendations, which include ensuring teachers prioritise basic literacy and numeracy in early years, and the creation of an online tool for teachers to regularly assess student progression.