Putin to discuss Ukraine with Xi Jinping – Kremlin

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping during official meeting ceremony in Beijing, May 16
Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping during official meeting ceremony in Beijing, May 16

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will discuss the war in Ukraine during talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, reported Russian propaganda outlet Izvestia, citing Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on May 16.

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“Ukraine will definitely be discussed,” Peskov said.

He said that Russia is impressed by “China's peace plan for Ukraine.” According to Peskov, Russia allegedly welcomes any peaceful initiatives regarding the war.

In addition, Kremlin spokesman claimed that Ukraine “legally excludes possibility of negotiations.”

“Of course, this is just the beginning of the conversation," Peskov added.

"There is a very tense discussion ahead. Therefore, this process is long, but we are impressed by the constructive position of the Chinese side."

Putin's visit to China

Reuters reported on Putin's visit to Beijing on March 19. At the time, it was noted that Putin's upcoming visit could be the first foreign trip of Russian dictator regime during his new presidential term.

Putin arrived in Beijing at invitation of Xi Jinping on May 16. It is noted that he will stay there for two days.

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Last time Russian dictator visited China in October 2023. Then he held talks with Xi Jinping. Putin claimed that he spoke with him for three hours about situation in the Middle East and Ukraine.

Xi Jinping called Russian dictator an “old friend” and proposed an initiative to create an “alternative development model for the world.” Putin welcomed the idea, pointing out on Russia's “deep commitment” to China.

Putin's tours abroad after warrant of his arrest were issued

Prior to his visit to China, Russian dictator planned to visit Turkey. His trip to Turkey, which was postponed to a “later date” in early February, could have been Putin's first foreign visit since International Criminal Court(ICC) issued an arrest warrant for him in March 2023 on charges of a war crime - illegal deportation of children from occupied territories of Ukraine to Russia.

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Since then, Putin visited six countries: Kyrgyzstan, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Russian dictator can be arrested and handed over to ICC in any of 123 countries that have ratified Rome Statute. None of the above countries has ratified it. Turkey has not done so either.

Putin's visit to South Africa, a state party to Rome Statute, was canceled in July 2023.

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