Pusey 'quite traumatised', Vic court told

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Porsche driver Richard Pusey is set to receive professional treatment after being granted bail in relation to allegations he stalked someone and assaulted police.

Pusey on Thursday faced Melbourne's Neighbourhood Justice Centre and was granted immediate bail to reside at an address in regional Victoria that will be kept secret from the public.

Police did not oppose the bail application.

Pusey's barrister, Philip Dunn, said the 43-year-old was an "unfortunate victim" of the April 2020 Eastern Freeway crash that killed four police officers and required urgent treatment that could not be provided in custody.

"He's been quite traumatised and as a result of that finished up in custody for a long period of time," Mr Dunn told the court.

"He needs professional help to get himself back on balance and is prepared to do that."

Pusey was arrested and taken into custody in September over fresh allegations, charged with two counts of stalking and four of assaulting emergency workers on duty.

Court documents reveal Pusey allegedly stalked a person in Fitzroy between May 2020 and September 2021.

Police claim he discarded objects including cat litter, faeces and food items around the person's property.

He's also accused of keeping his alleged victim under surveillance through CCTV cameras "with the intention of causing physical or mental harm ... including self harm" or making the victim fear for their own safety or the safety of another.

Pusey was released from custody in August, after being found guilty of charges including outraging public decency by filming dying police officers after the Eastern Freeway crash.

Four officers were killed when they were hit by a truck after pulling Pusey over.

He was also sentenced to time in prison on separate charges over an incident in December last year.

Pusey left custody in a "fake news" mask and wearing a top that said "Get Me Oprah".

The former mortgage broker has been banned from entering Fitzroy under his bail conditions and is expected to face court on March 9.

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