'Lucky to survive': Puppy's miraculous escape from python in backyard

An 11-week-old puppy is lucky to be alive after a python eyed it off for its next meal.

Shannon Hehir was inside her house at Trinity Beach in Cairns on Thursday when she heard her puppy yelping in her backyard.

Rushing outside, she never expected to see a carpet python wrapped around her cavoodle Lily.

Brown dog's tail with two bite bloody marks.
The cavoodle puppy was lucky to escape with only a bite mark on her tail. Source: Supplied

Python attacked 'within minutes'

Ms Hehir said the python struck within minutes of her dog being in the yard.

"I went inside and then I heard her yelping so I bolted outside and saw the python wrapped around her neck a few times and once around her belly and was squeezing," she explained to Yahoo News Australia.

"I panicked and knew she’d be crushed in seconds so I grabbed the snake by the part wrapped around Lily’s stomach and picked them both up and kind of shook Lily out of the snake's grip," she recalled.

A small brown puppy lying down on concrete looking up at camera.
Lily is lucky to have escaped relatively unscathed from the python attack. Source: Shannon Hehir

The snake began to uncurl from the puppy and she was able to escape its grip.

"She immediately ran inside and I dropped the snake and ran in to check on her," the concerned dog owner said.

Ms Hehir said they took Lily to the vet, and she was given the all-clear, with just a bite on her tail.

"The vet said this is the third incident within a week involving pythons (a kitten, cat, and my puppy) so they’re out in force with the heat," she explained.

"Please keep a close eye on your small animals and small humans."

Photo of garden bed with dirt and the bottom of a tree and some green plants.
Ms Hehir said her puppy had only been in the garden for a few minutes when the python saw her. Source: Shannon Hehir

Python attacks on dogs not unheard of

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said carpet pythons are more than capable of killing and eating a small dog or cat.

"It doesn't happen very often with dogs. It happens a lot with pet chickens and birds in aviaries," they told Yahoo News Australia.

"The best thing to do [if there's a snake in your backyard] is to call your local snake catcher to come out.

"If the situation needs immediate assistance then the snake catcher can talk you through it over the phone on how to safely get the python off the dog."

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