14 Times Online Dating Is Deeply Terrible And 3 Times It's Okay, As Told By "Puppy Love"

Puppy Love is about a couple of single people (played by Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin) who have a terrible first date after matching on Bumble. Lucy's dog gets Grant's dog pregnant (this is all in the trailer) and after a failed attempt on Grant's part to buy Plan B for the dog, they have to sort out puppy parenthood as they simultaneously sort out their feelings for one another.

lucy and grant in puppy love showing dogs how to share piece of spaghetti

I want to put the dog thing aside for a few minutes. Because Puppy Love's depiction of dating on the apps was, in my humble, very single opinion, so accurate.

There's having to figure out if you like a person based on a few pics and a few words. It's hard!

woman holding phone looking at group of three men on bumble and saying ' why are you posting a group photo? which one are you?'
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It's kind of terrifying to think you are being judged by so many people, day after day.

lucy hale in puppy love looking at phone, says 'reasonably funny'
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Sometimes you swipe right on people for the wrong reasons.

lucy hale in same scene looks surprised, says 'your dog is a ten'
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But just when you start to give up...you match with someone that seems really special.

grant gustin in puppy love showing phone to dog, says 'this girl's out of my league' and exhales
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Of course, now you have to actually get out of bed, get dressed, and go on a date.

grant on floor talking to dog: does this mean i have to actually meet up with her?
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And this better be worth it, because you are going to blowout your hair for the second time this year.

lucy hale fluffing hair in mirror, dressed up to go out

Yes, even though it's already August.

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Meeting someone in person when you've only been talking on an app is extremely nerve-racking, by the way.

grant gustin in park with dog: do you see her anywhere: kind of forget what she looks like, to be honest

There is also always the risk of not recognizing the person in real life.

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And there is also always, always the risk that they won't show up.

grant gustin: sighs, she's three minutes late

Or that you get ghosted, etc. Sometimes it's a mutual ghosting which is just as weird.

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And then perhaps you'll bump into them at a bar and it will be extraordinarily awkward.

lucy hale and friend bump into someone at bar, look awkward

This happens even in big cities, don't ask me why. It's Murphy's law, dating apps edition!

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Your friends who aren't on the apps mean well, but they tend to give terrible advice.

grant gustin listening to someone say 'that will keep her off guard' and he considers it and repeats: 'insult her'

Gents I will only say this once: do NOT insult her!

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And it seems like everyone else has settled down except for you and your one wild friend who never will.

grant gustin says: you're the only person I know from school other than me that's still single
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So you decide to get back out there and try again, because this is a numbers game, after all.

woman on phone and says to dog: I'm gonna swipe right on this one for you, all right?
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You get back on the rollercoaster. And some dates are just really, really bad.

lucy hale looks alarmed as someone says off screen 'it is now time to enjoy the sense of touch'

But let's be honest: there are some really, really good dates as well.

lucy hale and grant gustin having picnic with dogs at top of hill overlooking city
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Sometimes you're so disappointed by someone that you delete all the apps and decide it's just not worth it.

grant gustin says 'man, i'm better off by myself'
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Then a week later you have bad date amnesia and it's back to swiping again.

hand holding phone on bumble: 'oh my god, this guy is literally in prison'

Hello! Yes, you'll do!

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You try again, one more time, because maybe this will be the time that you find someone who totally surprises you. Maybe you're about to realize that dating apps aren't so bad after all.

Lucy hale looks romantic and in love in a restaurant

I mean, we can't be doing this forever, right?

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If you want to see how it works out for Lucy Hale, Grant Gustin, and their dogs who get preggers after a disastrous first date...watch Puppy Love. It's a cute rom-com with adorable dogs that just came out, and it is streaming here for free on Freevee.