Puppy farm suspects flee with dogs after being discovered by police

Police are searching for a carload of mistreated dogs after a suspected puppy farm was uncovered in Queensland.

Residents of Morayfield, in the state’s Moreton Bay region, had complained for months about suspected animal abuse, but when authorities came to rescue the dogs, the owners took off.

Two puppies were recovered by the RSPCA, but the owners fled with the rest.

A puppy recuperating at the RSPCA (left) after the owners of an alleged puppy farm fled the police (right) . Source: 7News

The dogs were allegedly locked in bedrooms, yelping for help, and with no food to be seen.

“The owners, they’d just come and go, just leave them and they’d just bark all day,” neighbour Frank Geebung said.

Neighbours claim the cruelty stretches over several years and this group of rescued dogs aren’t the first victims.

Neighbour Lynn Brady claims they were “breeding and selling them” as part of a puppy farm.

The dogs were filmed locked in squalid rooms without food. Source: 7 News

“Everyone was ringing up all the time, the pound would come, and then they’d just go again,” Mr Geebung said.

On Wednesday, a fed-up resident shared a video of the dogs barking wildly inside a filthy room.

Before authorities could arrive, the owners put most of the dogs in a car and took off.

Emotions are mixed amongst the residents of Skye Street, who had lived with the torturous sounds of howling and yelping dogs for years.

“The neighbourhood is back to what it should be,” one person said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the  Crime Stoppers online reporting page.

A fed-up neighbour filmed the dogs barking and yelping. Source: 7 News