Vic police back union bail review proposal


Victoria Police agree with the police union that officers could be given the power to decide if offenders are remanded or bailed.

The Police Association of Victoria made the suggestion to a review of the state's bail system.

"We think police should have more discretion as well," commissioner Graham Ashton told ABC radio on Thursday.

But if the government decided to keep the current bail justices system, then it needed more of them.

"The main issue we've had over the years is that there hasn't been enough of them. It's been hard to get them", Mr Ashton said.

The review was set up after it was discovered the driver accused of the deadly Bourke Street mall rampage had been granted bail against police advice by a bail justice days before.

"Although bail justices perform an important role in the current system, their use is time consuming and cumbersome for our members," the submissions said.

Its proposed that suspects be remanded for a limit of 72 hours and bail decisions be made by a sergeant or a higher rank not involved in the case.