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Properties raided over human trafficking claims in ACT

Alan Porritt/AAP PHOTOS

A South American woman has allegedly been brought to Canberra as a slave in a home and business.

ACT Police raided a home in O'Malley and a business in Majura Park on Thursday morning as part of an investigation into alleged human trafficking and slavery.

Information was provided to authorities in June alleging the woman had been trafficked from Colombia to Canberra earlier this year.

The woman alleged she was forced to work from before 7am through to late each evening, cleaning and cooking, as well as looking after children in the home.

She worked seven days a week and was not permitted to leave the home without being escorted.

The woman was provided minimal food and was paid cash for her work at well below minimum wage provisions.

She was also forced to work at a Majura Park business and not permitted to return to her home country.

Investigations are continuing and no charges have been laid.

The maximum penalty for trafficking people in Australia is 12 years in jail.