Prom invite goes horribly wrong

A man has captured his 'promposal' to his potential date on camera.

This isn’t exactly how a US man planned his prom proposal. A lovely gesture went horribly wrong and turned extremely awkward when Daniel Pena decided to use billboards to ask his date to the prom.

A man has captured his 'promposal' to his potential date on camera.

Before picking up his lady companion, Pena planted signs along a road that read: “Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL jk. Go To. Prom. With Me.”

His unimpressed passenger mocks the signs, unbeknownst to his date that the signs are actually for her. “What the f*ck? That’s sh*tty … That’s a sh*tty way to ask someone to prom”, she says as she reads them out loud as they drive past them one by one.

The car ride gets sufficiently awkward when she realises those semi-romantic signs are for her and she breaks down into a fit of tears unable to speak. The driver reaches back into the passenger seat behind and reveals a card with a big black question mark on it.

Tears of remorse stream down the girls face as she accepts the cards and apologises profusely. "I'm really sorry Daniel."

The car pulls over and the camera is stopped while the woman regains her composure before being turned on again. "She said yes", Pena exclaims as they both smile and look at the camera.

Watch the full video here

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