The Project host's fiery on-air clash with Greens MP

The Project's Steve Price has a feisty clash with Greens MP Max Chandler-Mather over a proposal to freeze rent prices.

Video transcript

STEVE PRICE: Max, you call it moderate. I call it mad. What do you say to landlords who over the next two years are going to have an increase in their mortgage payments? Council rates are going up above inflation. Repairs on any rental properties are going up. It's very hard to get tradesmen.

They're expected just to wear this increase in cost and no rent going up. They're going to bail on the market. They're going to sell their rental properties, and you're going to collapse the real estate market. It's mad, mate.

MAX CHANDLER-MATHER: Well, I don't think the real estate market collapsed in Victoria when they froze rent.

STEVE PRICE: Well, I'm not sure you're right on that. I don't think they did freeze all rents for six months.

MAX CHANDLER-MATHER: There was a six month rent freeze in Victoria, but similarly in British Columbia or in New York or in Scotland.

STEVE PRICE: Well, we're not in British Columbia or New York or Scotland. We're in Australia. We've got a rental system that works.


STEVE PRICE: There's a lot of great landlords who-- there's even landlords who during COVID made the rent cheaper for people because they wanted to look after good tenants. You're trying to blow up a system that actually works.