'Profit off my heartbreak': Man sells furniture because it reminds him of his ex-girlfriend

A heartbroken Sydney man has decided to sell almost every item of furniture in his apartment because it reminds him of his ex-girlfriend.

In a mammoth online sale, Daniel Khan has listed more than a dozen items with descriptions of the good times he shared with his former flame.

“Come profit off my heartbreak!” the title of the post read. “I’m moving and everything must go as it reminds me of her!”

Mr Khan's post has already attracted many hopeful buyers. Photo: Facebook
'The x2 stools we tie died together' are up for sale. Photo: Facebook

In the advertisement posted on private Facebook group ‘Inner West Housemates (Newtown, Enmore, Marrickville etc)’, Mr Khan shared photos of the modern and well-looked after items.

Among the items was a fridge “we made Sunday pancakes from”, a sofa “we cried on” and an outdoor set “we spent our summer drinking on”.

It is unknown whether the post is genuine or a creatively spun sales pitch, but it has attracted plenty of attention and many keen buyers.

The microwave, kettle and toaster that the couple 'never used'. Photo: Facebook

"So sorry for the break up. Hope you profit enough from this to not anymore remind you of her," one viewer wrote.

"I'll take everything you have left! Seriously, it's the most I can do. And I'll bring vodka. We can cleanse our spirits," another potential buyer said.

News break – September 7