Terrifying moment Uber driver locks doors and tries to take professor 'to a hotel'

A university professor has tweeted a terrifying recount of her Uber ride to the airport, saying the driver pulled off the highway and attempted to take her to a hotel.

Nancy Leong, a law professor at the University of Denver, said she was on her way to catch a flight when the driver changed the route and refused to unlock the doors.

“We got to a stop light. I started yelling ‘let me out of the f***** car’ and he wouldn’t unlock the doors,” Ms Leong wrote in a Tweet.

The terrified academic said she began pounding on the windows, demanding he let her out of the car until he eventually opened the doors.

Nancy Leong claims her Uber driver refused to let her out of the car and planned to take her to a hotel. Source: Twitter/Nancy Leong

“Then he got out of the car and started coming toward me. Remember we are at a stop light at the bottom of a highway off ramp.

“There’s nothing around.”

Ms Leong said the driver then refused to open the boot of the car so she could retrieve her suitcase until some nearby construction workers eventually spotted the commotion and came to her aid.

She said the Uber driver then made a frantic dash back to his car which had begun rolling onto the highway.

Ms Leong said she proceeded to call another Uber as she didn’t know what else to do.

In her final Tweet, Ms Leong reiterated just how terrifying the experience was and urged Uber to take action immediately.

“Hey Uber, I really need you to understand how terrifying this was. I was about 10 seconds from putting my foot through the back-passenger window,” she wrote.

Uber Support responded saying they take her claims seriously and would be looking into the matter immediately.

An Uber spokesperson told Yahoo7 News that the driver in question has been banned while they investigate the matter.

"What Nancy described is awful and unacceptable," the spokesperson said.

"This driver has been blocked from the app and we are investigating."