Pro-Kremlin host Tucker Carlson appears in Moscow

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson

Former Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson and Russian mouthpiece has arrived in Moscow, according to a photo published by the propaganda Telegram news channel Mash on Feb. 3.

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He has reportedly been in the Russian capital since Feb. 1, when he was spotted at the Istanbul airport while he was boarding a flight to Moscow.

Mash published a photo of the American propagandist, allegedly enjoying a visit to the Bolshoi Theater. It is unknown whether Carlson paid for the trip himself or with whom in the Russian government he has been in contact with.

<span class="copyright">Mash/Telegram</span>
<span class="copyright">Mash/Telegram</span>

Known for promoting conspiracies, Carlson left Fox News in disgrace in Apr., 2023, after which he launched his own show on X (Twitter), where he promotes anti-balding treatments, flirts with right-wing grifters, and spreads racially-tinged disinformation about “foreign DNA” entering Americans’ blood via COVID vaccines.

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Carlson has also repeatedly and knowingly spread lies and Russian propaganda, and has openly supported Russia’s genocidal war against Ukraine. For example, Carlson accused, offering no evidence, Ukraine of bombing the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant, says that the Ukrainian government is oppressing Christians, and denies that Ukraine is a democracy.

Carlson has previously said that his is “rooting for” Putin and for Russia.

Carlson said in September 2023 that he wanted to “interview” Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, but the U.S. government allegedly prevented him from doing so.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump, whom Carlson fervently supports, said that if he won the election, he would consider electing Carlson as his Vice President. Trump is also known for calling Russian dictator Vladimir Putin a “very smart person.”

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