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Prison officer, 27, jailed after livestreaming explicit videos with 'dangerous' inmate

A female prison officer has been jailed for 12 months over her relationship with a “dangerous” inmate who appeared with her in explicit livestreamed videos.

The judge said Ayshea Gunn, 27, and inmate Khuram Razaq engaged in a “highly sexualised and pornographic” exchange of photographs during their affair at Berwyn prison in the United Kingdom, according to The Telegraph.

Razaq is serving 12 years for conspiracy to commit robbery and the BBC reported he must serve an additional eight-month sentence after he pleaded guilty to possessing a smartwatch and mobile phone.

UK prison guard Ayesha Gunn (right), 27, had been in a sexual relationship with Khuram Razaq (pictured left kissing Gunn).
Ayshea Gunn engaged in a sexual relationship with Khuram Razaq who was serving a 12-year sentence in prison. Source: AAP/Facebook

“You are clearly a dangerous man. Before the age of 30 you have received two sentences in double figures,” the judge told Razaq.

The two called each other more than 1000 times, and they were using mobiles to send each other sexual videos and streamed sex acts from when they were together from July to November last year.

Intimate photos of the two were also found in her bedroom, some taken from inside his cell.

Gunn smuggled a pair of underwear into the prison, placed a bet for him and told investigators she loved him, according to The Telegraph.

The relationship between the two was described as “not particularly subtle” in court and colleagues noticed Gunn was spending a lot of time with Razaq, which ultimately lead to the internal investigation.

Ayshea Gunn (pictured) has been jailed for 12 months.
Gunn will spend 12 months behind bars after her explicit relationship with the inmate. Source: Facebook

In addition to their affair, Gunn also shared information with Razaq, like ‘cell searching tactics’, according to The Daily Mail.

Gunn was arrested last November after their relationship was exposed and she had been working at the prison since 2017, shortly after it opened.

Judge Niclas Parry told Gunn while she was “infatuated” with Razaq, she was “selfishness on a staggering scale”.

“This case is all about breaching trust and you were the person trusted,” he said, according to thee BBC.

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