Priority reforms to improve mental health

Rebecca Gredley
·1-min read



* Prevention and early help for people

* Improve people's experiences with mental healthcare

* Improve people's experiences with services beyond the health system

* Equip workplaces to be mentally healthy

* Instil incentives and accountability for improved outcomes


* Put people at the centre of the mental health system

* Focus on children's wellbeing, particularly across the education and health systems

* Tertiary students - including international students - should be better supported by their education providers

* Help people with mental illness be included in the community and not be socially isolated

* Take action to prevent suicide, including helping Indigenous organisations support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

* Increase access to mental healthcare services so people can make informed decisions

* Expand online treatment so it is an option for people seeking treatment

* Increase community mental healthcare services

* Improve mental healthcare for people in crisis, to minimise unnecessary presentations to hospital emergency departments

* Improve care for people who also have other conditions, so treatment is integrated

* Help people get the services they need by making the system easier to navigate and more accessible

* Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the mental health workforce

* Improve psychosocial support availability

* More support for families and carers

* Reduce barriers to employment

* More supportive housing and homelessness services

* Improve mental health outcomes for people in the justice system

* Commit to a better whole-of-government approach to mental health to improve accountability, prevention, early intervention and recovery

* Reform funding and planning to clarify government responsibility and support regional decision making.

(Source: Productivity Commission)