Princess Mary returns home as royal family cancels engagements

While the British royals have stopped shaking hands on official visits, the Danish royals have decided to cancel all official appearances, with Princess Mary and her kids returning home to “stand with the Danes”.

In a statement released by the palace, it was revealed that Aussie-born Princess Mary, her four children and her husband would all return from Switzerland, where they’ve been enjoying a 12-week school stay.

Princess Mary and her family
Princess Mary has returned home to Denmark from Switzerland due to the coronavirus outbreak. Photo: Getty Images

"In light of the worsening situation in Denmark in connection with the handling of the spread of COVID-19, the Crown Prince couple has decided that the family will leave home from Switzerland,” the statement read.

“The Crown Prince couple find it most natural to return home and stand with the Danes in a time that requires a lot of everyone and where there is a shared responsibility for looking after each other."

The palace went on to clarify that the children’s education will continue in Denmark, once public institutions open again.

Last night, the Danish palace also announced that Queen Margrethe has returned home from her annual winter break in Norway due to the coronavirus outbreak and has cancelled all Danish royal engagements.

It also stated that any planned events around her 80th birthday in April will be cancelled and the participation in the royal family in “other official programme points” in the coming weeks will also be cancelled.

Danish royal family on the balcony
The Danish royals have cancelled all royal engagements. Photo: Getty Images

On January 6th Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine beagan a 12-week school stay in Switzerland.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the royal kids attend the Lemania-Verbier International School, with Mary staying with the children throughout their stint and their father, Prince Frederik visiting them in between his royal duties.

In a series of adorable photos posted to Instagram, the royal children could be seen wearing their uniform and a pair of snow boots, with a beautiful sunset visible in the background.

"With the school stay, the Crown Prince couple wants to give their children a common experience in an international environment,” the caption on the photo read on the Danish royal family’s Instagram.

The children usually attend Tranegårdsskolen school in Denmark.

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