Prince William and Kate video won't stop online rumours

A blurry video of a couple going shopping at the weekend has become an international talking point.

How does she look? Is it really them? Have you seen all the crazy theories on social media?

These pictures of Prince William and Catherine, published by the Sun, are the first video images of the princess since her abdominal surgery in January.

The unexpected appearance of the House of Windsor in the Windsor farm shop shows that she's back on her feet and looking relaxed and smiling.

Until now, we've seen a grainy still photo of the princess in a car and that pin-sharp but hotly disputed family picture for Mother's Day. When that was withdrawn by photo agencies over fears about being digitally altered it only added to the mood of febrile uncertainty about her health.

This video suggests something much more optimistic and everyday than the outlandish claims being made on social media. She looks well enough to be out and about with her husband, stretching her legs in the upmarket farm shop not far from their home.

It won't stop the spin cycle of rumours, which will now speculate whether it's really them, but it's the clearest evidence so far of Catherine getting better.

We're told the video was taken by a member of the public. But the royal couple could hardly have expected to wander down to their local shop without expecting to be spotted.

Kensington Palace's response has been to emphasise the importance of privacy, particularly when Catherine is recovering from surgery. This image might conveniently quell some rumours, but it also raises an awkward question about what moments should be considered private for a couple wanting to protect their family life.

When US publications ran paparazzi photos of the princess last month, the UK press didn't publish them. But this time these images of a private moment are everywhere.

The practical difference in running this video might be the sheer howling volume of questions on social media, with fake claims about imminent announcements and wild speculation about the couple. There was a news vacuum waiting to be filled.

It was so intense there were conspiracy theories about the conspiracy theories. Was this all being coordinated? Is it really just random people chasing clicks on social media?

Prince William and Catherine and their PR team are acutely aware of this pressure. They're millennial royals, not cut off from what's being said. They might hunker down during this media storm, but it might not really be over until Catherine is back on public duty after Easter.

Now the couple have been seen out buying a few things at the weekend. They might wondering next what the price is on their privacy.