Prince William Disliked Harry’s Relationship to Meghan “From the Start”

He considered her as the “living embodiment of an ‘outsider.’ ”

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The royal family drama continues to heighten. Thanks to the newly released book Endgame, royal expert and author Omid Scobie revealed even more bombshells regarding the royals. Particularly, the dynamic between Prince William and Meghan Markle and why their relationship was never close — and never really had the potential to ever be.

Scobie revealed William and his sister-in-law never hit it off “from the start” due to the fact that William was hesitant about Harry’s relationship with Meghan, writing, “William had been wanting to distance himself from his brother ever since Harry’s marriage to Meghan — whom the then Duke of Cambridge took a disliking to from the start.”

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Meghan, an American actress, was detached from the palace and the system and a “living embodiment of an ‘outsider’” in the eyes of William.

Scobie shared that William felt Harry “was swept up in her glamour and American joie de vivre to the point that he was refusing to acknowledge the rules and risks of managing a relationship within the institutional apparatus."

"At the expense of the family image, it was felt that Harry was rushing into something that had serious blowback potential," Scobie added.

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In the book, Scobie revealed following Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding, King Charles initiated an intervention after Harry blamed William for not welcoming Meghan into the family. During the years Harry and Meghan lived in the U.K., there was only one time they were given a holiday invite, which was when King Charles persuaded William and Kate to host them for Christmas at Anmer Hall.

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Over time, Meghan “never felt at home” in the U.K. Scobie shared that she has no plans to ever "set foot again in England," which is why she didn’t attend King Charles’s coronation last May. Her reasoning? She refused to “dive back into the soap opera.”

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