Primetime Props: Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Yahoo Betting Analyst Minty Bets joins Fantasy Football Live to offer a pair of player propositions as the Chiefs host the Titans in week 9.

Video transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Let's talk about these prime time games. Let's start with Sunday night. Travis Kelce, yes or no? Are we in? Are we out? Are we over or under?

MINTY BETS: You're going to love this. I like the under here on his receptions at minus 130. I mean, it's at 6 and 1/2. Although Kelce is the third most targeted tight end in the league and one of Patrick Mahomes' favorite weapons, I'm going under this number because Tennessee's defense actually allows an average of about 5 receptions per game to tight ends. This defense last week allowed successful plays on only 23% of pass attempts last week, which is the best in the league. This line kind of tells me to go under here. I know you're surprised.


ANDY BEHRENS: Shocked, I'm absolutely shocked. Let's keep the under train going here and talk about Derrick Henry. He's coming off a game with like a zillion rushing yards, right? He went over 200 rushing yards, but probably a very different game script here against Kansas City. Do you like over the under here?

MINTY BETS: Yeah, I like the under here. And I feel a little foolish giving out the under because, like you said, he's got over 100 yards in 4 straight games, including coming off rushing 219 yards against Houston. But the Chiefs really don't have a horrible run defense, allowing about 4.2 yards per carry, the second fewest rushing touchdowns and the second fewest average rushing yards per game. I've got to do it, Andy. I have this immense urge to go under here. I mean, I think we're going to see a little Derrick Henry regression, right? [LAUGHS]