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Primetime Ballers - Washington vs. Dallas

Yahoo Daily Fantasy analyst Tank Williams offers his picks for single-game DFS contests as Dallas hosts Washington.

Video transcript

- Now, let's dig into the Sunday-Night matchup with the Washington Football Team, traveling into "Jerry World," to take on the Cowboys. Cowboys already locked up a playoff spot, and Washington's still fighting for one.

And, I mean, isn't it about time for Dak Prescott to get back on track? Like, we've been waiting for Dak to bounce back like crypto. And I think, finally, he has the remedy.

Like, he's going against the Washington pass defense-- that gives up the most fantasy points to quarterbacks-- and I just feel like, right now, it's time. Like, we've just been waiting. We thought it would be last week, and they still look, kind of, nasty on offense. But, like, now, I feel like there's enough motivation-- that I'm gonna talk about a little bit later in this segment, where everything comes together.

But on the flip side, on Washington, I'm going with "Scary" Terry McLaurin. Now, I will admit that Scary Terry's stats have been more scary than he has been as of late, but, you know, he got knocked out of the game with a concussion. I mean, the quarterback play has been inconsistent because he really hasn't had a lot of quarterbacks to be there consistently because of COVID. But now, he has Heinke back.

He's back, and he's healthy. Dallas Cowboys are friendly against wide receivers. I feel like they're gonna have to target him heavily in order for him to-- in order for the Washington Football Team to stay in this game, especially with a gippy Antonio Gibson. So I feel like McLaurin could be a nice play at 20 bucks.

And, finally, my stud of this game is gonna be Amari Cooper. Like, he didn't go with the TO route, or the Keyshawn Johnson route-- like, throw me the damn ball. Like, Amari Cooper is, actually, one of those guys that is pretty pleasant.

He said, (IN A SOFT, HIGHER-PITCHED VOICE) I feel like I can help this team on third downs and in the red zone if you would give me the ball just a little bit more. I feel like that's why you pay me all that money. So, maybe, if you do that, I can help you.

(IN NORMAL VOICE) So he said it in a way where it didn't offend Dak. It didn't offend Jerry. So I think they'll feed my boy today. So that's why Coop it's gonna be my stud today.