'Priceless': The adorable moment baby koala is reunited with mum

Wildlife rescuers in South Australia have gone to extraordinary lengths to reunite a baby koala with its mum.

They waited by a tree for three days to bring the family together again, capturing the heartwarming moment on video.

The baby koala was found freezing and alone at the bottom of a tree when rescuers Wayne and Lynette Parsons took her in, bottle-feeding her to make sure she didn’t lose weight.

The baby koala was found freezing and alone at the bottom of a tree. Source: 7 News

Suspecting mum would return, the couple took it in turns to wait by the tree – and after three days, she did.

Filming the magical moment, Lynette says: “That’s priceless, that’s priceless, look at you back with mum.”

“Baby was very keen to get back with mum, you could just tell the love was there,” Lynette said.

Mum and baby cuddle after being reunited. Source: 7 News

After two nights together in care, the pair are ready to be released back into the wild.

“It’s something we will never forget and if it happens again we’ll do it again,” Lynette said.

Now that the baby is finally back with mum, she’s hanging on tight.

The baby clings on to mum for dear life after being separated for three days. Source: 7 News