Premier League player pay cuts should go back into football, not fund the NHS, says Alan McInally

Richard Parry
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Former Aston Villa and Bayern Munich striker Alan McInally says and money generated from pay cuts to Premier League player salaries should go back into football, not fund the NHS.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been extremely vocal in his calls for the country’s elite players to give something back amid the coronavirus pandemic, saying they should "take a pay cut and play their part".

Premier League players have since revealed their plans to help raise money for the NHS with the launch of their #PlayersTogether .

But speaking ahead of that announcement, McInally insisted that should players be made to take a pay cut, that money should be reinvested in football and help prevent clubs from going bust.

"It's not a party political broadcast we are on and Matt Hancock has enough things to worry about without having a go at football players," McInally told Sky Sports News.

"For him to suggest taking a 30 per cent cut is a joke. Seriously. Any money from any football player, Premier League or otherwise, it should be going back into football. End of.

Former footballer Alan McInally Photo: Getty Images

"If you are going to look after people at football clubs, it's the person who cleans the strips; the person who cuts the grass; and the person who makes you a cup of tea in the morning.

"I agree with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, although it's not so much that they are an easy target - they are on big money - a lot more money than anyone else and that brings a kind of jealousy, that's just the way life is

"Modern football players at the top level get a lot of money and a lot of them, I'm quite sure, are happy to give back.

"But they're not giving back to the NHS, they're giving back to our grassroots. That's where I would like to see the money go, to the FA, and the FA give it to Accrington, Torquay, name a team.

"That's where the money should go, if you want to make sure none of our clubs go to the wall."