Coronavirus Victoria: Pregnant woman in ICU after testing positive

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A Melbourne woman pregnant with twins remains in a hospital in intensive care after being struck down with coronavirus.

Chris Lassig wrote on Facebook on Sunday his partner Kaillee Dyke remains at Royal Melbourne Hospital on a ventilator.

Both contracted COVID-19 but while he’s since recovered, Ms Dyke remains hooked to a machine helping her to breathe.

Kaillee Dyke is pictured trying to breathe while sick from the coronavirus.
Kaillee Dyke is in hospital on a ventilator while pregnant with twins. Source: Facebook/ Chris Lassig

“She’s been there a week now, on a ventilator and sedated so she’s unaware of what’s going on,” Mr Lassig wrote.

“But she’s slowly making progress, breathing more and more by herself with the machine only providing back-up. It’s now a matter of waiting until her lungs have healed enough to work on their own. The doctors say with COVID-19 it’s very hard to predict, but hopefully it’ll be soon.”

He added the twins are at 27 weeks.

“Because of the infection no one can visit, and even the ICU staff are careful about going into her room,” Mr Lassig wrote.

“But they’ve been super nice and helpful, and they’ve kept me and Kaillee’s family ... updated via telehealth. Still, it’s very difficult not being able to be there with her, and spending the days waiting by the phone.”

The family don’t know why the virus hit Ms Dyke “so hard” but believe it could just be bad luck.

They don’t know how she contacted it either, but both Mr Lassig and his partner thought they were “being cautious” before falling ill.

“Before she got too sick, I asked Kaillee what advice she’d give and she said, ‘If the government is going to say to wear masks, then just do it.’

Ms Dyke added the government was not overreacting with measures put in place as they were clearly there for a reason.

“Anybody can get it,” she told her partner, according to the post.

Kaillee Dyke is pictured with a black and white cat.
The family don't know how Ms Dyke fell ill. Source: Facebook/ Kaillee Dyke

On Sunday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced anyone failing to wear a mask in public in Metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire could face a $200 fine.

“I hope that not one single fine needs to be issued,” the premier said.

“That is my genuine hope and I think that if people just use common sense.

“Masks or face coverings, a homemade face covering whether it be a bandana, a scarf, a mask, no matter what grade that mask is at, is better than no face covering at all.”

The premier warned if people don’t follow the rules there could be tighter restrictions introduced.

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