Pregnant woman complains as husband insists his parents watch delivery

Eliza Velk
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There’s no doubt that bringing a new life into this world is a pretty magical moment, however, when it comes to giving birth, it’s not exactly something you want an audience for.

So when pregnant woman Isabella Laguna’s husband demanded that his parents be in the delivery room to watch the birth of their twin babies, Isabella was not too thrilled on the idea and sought help from other mums. 

“I’m pregnant and my husband is forcing me to let his parents in the delivery room, but I don’t want that. What should I do?” Isabella posted to online forum Quora. 

A woman had to ask for advice after her husband insisted his parents watch the birth of their twins. Source: Friends (NBC)

The post received an overwhelming response with people quick to come to her support and calling out her husband for his ridiculous demands.

“I’m not too happy with this husband of yours, quite frankly… your husband should have accepted your refusal the first time around,” a fellow mum started before offering some good advice, “Ask the doctor to forbid your parents-in-law from being there on medical grounds.”

While other comments were actually pretty hilarious:

“Tell your husband that before you’ll allow his parents in the room to labour and delivery, he must stand naked and also produce bowel movement in front of your parents. If he accepts this challenge, allow his parents,” a woman joked.

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“‘Insisting’?!? Why are you letting him insist on a damn thing?!? It’s not his birth… it’s yours! Why are you giving him any say whatsoever?? Honey, you are the patient, the queen, the start of the show!! Nothing happens without you!!” another user fumed.

“When you grow a womb and are pushing a baby from your own vagina you can have the full English football squad in the room. Until then your parents can wait in the hall and if you don’t like it you can f**k off with them,” one mother snapped.

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