'I'm not the first pregnant firefighter and I won't be the last'

A female firefighter who is 13 weeks pregnant with her first child has vowed to not let her growing stomach get in the way of saving lives as devastating bushfires continue to rip apart communities.

Rural volunteer firefighter Katherine Robinson-Williams, 23, told Yahoo News Australia she “isn’t the first pregnant firefighter and she won’t be the last”.

“I’m just the first one to speak out about it,” the telecommunications worker said.

NSW volunteer firefighter Katherine Robinson-Williams, 23, is 13 weeks pregnant and is refusing to 'stay behind' while fires rage across the state. Source: Instagram

Ms Robinson-Williams, from the NSW Hunter Region, has been a volunteer fighter for 11 years and said she would continue to volunteer after she gives birth.

“If I can manage to help people survive then I’m just going to do what I’ve been doing for years,” she said.

Although Ms Robinson-Williams has received some backlash online she assures those concerned she has spoken to a doctor and wears a mask to protect her and her baby.

“I’ll try and keep volunteering up until I’m about 30 weeks pregnant,” she said.

When asked what the best thing is about her part-time volunteer gig, Ms Robinson-Williams says it’s the community.

“Employers release us on mercy days, they are major supporters because they don’t have to,” she said.

Taree strike crew at Marlee staging area on Monday. Source: Instagram

When almost the entire town of Marble Bar, northeast of Perth in Western Australia, was wiped out on Monday, Ms Robinson-Williams described it as “full on and shocking” and said, even when the school was destroyed, the community found a way to thank volunteers.

“The whole community banded together and fed us dinner,” she said.

And when Ms Robinson-Williams was asked why she put her life on the line every year, pregnant or not?

“It’s just what we do, it’s for the wonderful communities,” she said.

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