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Powerball winner scores incredible $960 MILLION jackpot

Who says Mondays have to be terrible?

One lucky resident of the US state of California found out on Monday local time they had claimed Powerball’s A$960 million lottery prize.

The resident of Morro Bay matched all six numbers including the Powerball.

The lucky numbers were 12, 22, 54, 66 and 69 with the Powerball number 15.

The winner can either take home the entire prize now or have it paid out of a period of 29 years.

The Powerball numbers are seen being drawn.
One lucky person took home more than $960 million from US Powerball. Source: Florida Lottery

The mouthwatering jackpot kept growing after no one managed to claim the top prize since a drawing in June.

It was 40 draws before a winner was named.

The jackpot drought is by design, as the game’s long odds of 292.2 million to one are intended to generate massive prizes that draw more players.

One other big winner in the jackpot is the tax office which stands to take home about $270 million of the prize.

People line up to buy Powerball tickets in Vegas.
Lottery winner hopefuls line up in Vegas to buy tickets ahead of the draw. Source: KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas

Things you can buy with $960 million

California’s newest millionaire might have a few extravagant purchases on their shopping list thanks to their winnings.

But what exactly could they buy?

Fancy a house with a bowling alley? The US’s most expensive house in Bel Air, California, is worth more than $680 million and comes equipped with not just a bowling alley but also a 36-seat cinema, according to Reader’s Digest.

Don’t fancy cleaning the rooms? Just keep moving around. It has 20 bedrooms – oh, and a pool of course.

The White House in Washington DC is pictured.
$960 million could buy you the White House with change left over. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

If that doesn’t take your fancy why not live in one of the most iconic houses of all? The White House. It’s valued at more than $540 million though, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

It does, however, currently have a tenant.

If you’re tired of driving places, you could purchase an Airbus A380 for a meagre $555 million, according to The Richest. They also fit more than 800 people if you’re feeling generous or just want to put your feet up.

Unfortunately, you would need almost three times the amount of the Powerball winnings to even come close to affording some of the world’s biggest sporting teams.

According to Forbes, The Dallas Cowboys NFL team is worth more than $7.8 billion.

Football team Real Madrid has a value of more than $6.4 billion while the Chicago Bulls come with a hefty $4.5 billion price tag.

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