Powerball jackpots to whopping $80 MILLION after five weeks of no wins

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What would you do with $60 million? It's a question thousands of Aussies may have asked themselves ahead of Thursday night's Powerball draw – but for one lucky player if could become a reality.

The jackpot reached a jaw-dropping $60 million after no one successfully took home the top prize for the past four weeks. It is the equal-biggest lottery prize available so far in 2022.

Despite no division one win in last week's draw, two lucky winners did manage to take home the division two prize worth more than $320,000.

A Brisbane man took home the other $60 million Powerball prize five weeks ago.

So are you a big winner tonight? It's time to check your tickets.

The winning numbers for draw 1343 are 19, 32, 5, 31, 3, 26 and 16, and the Powerball number is 6.

Women are pictured celebrating with Powerball balls also pictured.
Powerball reached a jackpot of $60 million on Thursday. Source: The Lott/ Getty Images (file pic)

Powerball to jackpot to whopping $80 million

Shortly after the draw, the results revealed that – for the fifth week in a row – there was no division one win, meaning the jackpot will bolster to $80 million next week.

It wasn't all bad news though – seven division two players still managed to score $128,580.25 each in draw 1343.

Unusual lottery superstitions

Feeling very superstitious ahead of playing the lottery?

Well, according to Oz Lotteries people have a number of unusual and intriguing superstitions they follow when playing.

Some people look up the numbers most commonly drawn however this has absolutely no bearing on the result and is merely an observational tool.

OzLotteries also listed a few unusual superstitions players might follow.

Do you know anyone who's bald? Apparently rubbing their head might help increase luck but please, please ask them first. And be gentle.

Some players also believe rubbing their ticket on a black cat might help. Just make sure it's not just some random tenacious tabby. And be gentle.

Other things players might do include using lucky numbers. For example, in Chinese culture the number eight is considered lucky.

You could also follow personal routines which you consider lucky, such as wearing a certain item of clothing.

Of course, it's important to remember, just like the most drawn numbers being listed, it all comes down to chance.

And with the odds of winning one in 134 million, you will – unfortunately – need all the luck you can get.

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