2 drivers arrested, power restored on Montreal's South Shore after bus crash into pylon

Power is almost entirely restored on Montreal's South Shore after a weekend crash saw a bus knock down an electricity pylon, plunging 88,000 Hydro-Québec customers into darkness.

The collision happened at the intersection of Chambly Street and Highway 30 around 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

The bus, transporting a group of volunteers, collided with a car before slamming into the hydro tower, which was supporting two 315-kilovolt power lines, according to Longueuil police.

Police say two people on the bus and another in the car were injured.

Longueuil police said both drivers were arrested — the driver of the bus for dangerous driving and the driver of the car for drunk driving. Both have been released.

At its peak, the outage affected approximately 88,000 customers. Power was restored to nearly all customers by Sunday evening.

Hydro-Québec crews are now working to replace the downed pylon, which will take a few days, according to spokesperson Jonathan Côté. In the meantime, he says the utility is rerouting power to keep the lights on in the region.

Côté adds that the collision was "out of the ordinary" and is a very rare occurrence.

"When you see a collision with one of our infrastructures, like a pylon like this, the vast majority of the time, it doesn't even have any impact or any outage," he said.

Hydro-Québec will look into the details of what happened and see if it needs to make some changes to some of its pylons, he says.