Post Malone and Peyton Manning Bring the Party (and a T-Rex!) in Bud Light's Super Bowl 2024 Commercial (Exclusive)

In the 60-second ad, a group of football-watching pals unleash the Bud Light Genie and have all their wishes come true

Bud Light is ready to release a new genie from its bottle, with some help from Peyton Manning and Post Malone.

In the beer brand’s new Super Bowl 2024 commercial — which was released on YouTube on Tuesday morning — a group of unsuspecting, football-watching pals open a bottle of beer and unleash the Bud Light Genie.

"Wishes is my thing,” the tracksuit-clad, mustache-barring genie tells the crew, promising to make any request come to life. “Gimme.”

The friends rattle off a list of absurd requests — from “'80s metal hair” to “a giant bicep" (yes, just one) to the power of invisibility — and watch in growing amazement as the genie immediately makes each wish come true.

“Best night ever!” the friends shout from their stretch DeLorean (which came from a wish for a “sweet ride”). The crew wish their way into a bar with a long line out front and for buckets of Bud Light for everyone.

<p>Courtesy of Bud Light</p> Post Malone makes a wish with the Bud Light Genie

Courtesy of Bud Light

Post Malone makes a wish with the Bud Light Genie

“I wish Peyton Manning was my best friend,” a Broncos jersey-wearing fan says and, like magic, the Hall of Fame quarterback appears by his side. Encouraged by the prospect of wishing for a celebrity, another friend asks for Post Malone, who is promptly zapped into the bar. She even gets silver grills to match with the rapper.

The unevenly bicep-ed fan wishes to be at a televised fight and while there, UFC CEO Dana White pops up. “He’s gonna need another bicep,” White says.

Manning even gets in on the wishes and asks for a house party. Here, Malone takes center stage with a guitar around his neck and beer in his hand. All seems perfect at the luxurious pool party until a life-size T-Rex busts through the backyard.

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“Who asked for a T-Rex?” one person asks.

“Guilty,” the singer, who is set to sing "America the Beautiful" before the Super Bowl, replies with a grin.

Neither Malone nor Manning are strangers to big game commercials. “I’m here for the three-peat, and stoked to be back with Bud Light for my third Super Bowl commercial,” says Malone in a release. “We created something truly epic and pretty damn funny together that I know the fans will love.”

Manning, who retired from the NFL eight years ago and now hosts the ESPN2's ManningCast with his brother Eli, still enjoys being part of the game-day fun, adding, “The Super Bowl is the highlight of the NFL season for any player, and it’s always been a highlight for the Bud Light team as well.”

The Bud Light Super Bowl commercial will air during the big game on Feb 11. The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will face off in Super Bowl LVIII, airing on CBS at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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