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Post Malone fan creates custom shoes for the rapper, asks to trade for the ones he's wearing: 'Dream come true'

A major Post Malone stan just made the trade of a lifetime after attending one of the rapper’s recent concerts.

In a now-viral TikTik shared by Giuggiulia (@giulidgaf), Post Malone appeared to be coming around for a post-show meet-and-greet with a select group of fans when he stopped to comment on a pair of sneakers she was holding up during the show.

“These are so sick,” the rapper tells her as he takes a closer look at them.

“For you,” Giuggiulia replies.

“I saw them on stage,” Post Malone continues, before adding that he wanted to grab them during the show but didn’t want to mess them up on stage.

“These are for me?” he asks. And when Giuggiulia confirms, he tells her, “You are so sick, thank you so very much.”

However, that’s when the fan also presents him with an unexpected proposition: “You take mine, I take yours,” she says.

“Oh, is that the trade?” the rapper asks. “I didn’t know it was a trade.”

That said, he seems more than game to make the swap and begins to take off his own sneakers to give to her.

“I’ll have you know, these [indecipherable] stink, probably,” the “White Iverson” artist tells her.

Of course, that doesn’t seem to matter to the mega fan, who is giddy with excitement and immediately asks him to sign them.

Though the shoes are hard to see up close in the viral video, they appear to be a pair of white Converse high tops, which are identical to the ones Post Malone was wearing on stage, with one notable exception: Giuggiulia hand-painted designs on the side.

The custom shoes were later showcased in follow-up videos posted by the TikToker, which show her drawing a butterfly symbol just like the one on Post Malone’s album Twelve Carat Toothache.

In fact, the butterfly symbol is kind of an ongoing theme for Post Malone, who also has it featured on a ton of concert merch. Fans have long since speculated that there’s a hidden meaning behind it, which the singer somewhat alluded to during an interview with Complex last year for the web series, “Hot Ones.”

“There was a moment where I lost my passion to make music,” he admitted during the chat. “You know, it’s like — it becomes a job. I was just a kid making music and I had all these songs and everything, but it became a job with labels and touring and everything. And it gets so hard to actually focus on why you’re there.”

But by 2022, he had found his way back again.

“I just want to make s***. Finally,” he said during the interview. “Now that I’m back it feels like I was in a cocoon and now I’m a beautiful butterfly.”

Thanks to Giuggiulia, that beautiful butterfly is now featured prominently on his new sneaks.

Ever since the video of her brief encounter with Post Malone went up on TikTok, fans have been going wild for it. But apparently, not everyone has had nice things to say. To date, the video has up to 30 million views, but Giuggiulia says that due to all the hate she received after posting the “special moment,” she had to turn comments off.

In a follow-up clip, however, she did attempt to answer some reasonable questions she’s been getting.

“I’ve been following Post for years and I’ve finally made a dream come true,” she wrote in the video text, before calling the moment “incredible” and referring to the rapper as “infinitely sweet.”

In response to haters who called her “rude” in the original clip, she clarified that she’s Italian and does not speak English as well as she would like to, which meant that she couldn’t fully express herself to the artist.

But regardless of how others might have perceived their exchange, she insists that she’s forever grateful it happened and says that if Post Malone hadn’t wanted to make the trade, she wouldn’t have done it.

In the same video, she shows off the shoes he gave her, complete with his signature on the side, as well as the ones she made for him — and clapped back at the TikTokers who told her they were ugly.

On this video, Giuggiulia left the commenting feature on, and supporters stepped in to reassure her.

“Absolutely no need to explain yourself babe,” one user wrote. “Some people are miserable. So happy you got to capture such a beautiful moment.”

“I saw nothing wrong in that video,” said someone else. “Looked like you both liked talking to each other. Good for you and congrats on the awsome shoes!”

“Don’t let these people get you down,” added someone else. “He could have easily said no, but didn’t even hesitate. It was a beautiful interaction between a fan & performer.”

Sweet videos of Post Malone interacting with fans have gone viral before due to his kind-hearted and humble nature.

In a 2022 video, the artist greeted a toddler backstage in the most adorable way ever.

The rapper has made headlines for being “the Keanu Reeves of music,” which is a pretty major compliment considering how beloved Keanu is.

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