Porsche driver guilty over offensive pics

Porsche driver Richard Pusey has been found guilty of sending graphic and offensive pictures of the Eastern Freeway crash to a financial services watchdog.

Images from the crash that killed four police officers in April 2020 were attached to a November 2021 complaint sent by Pusey to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

The images were graphic and offensive, and were sent by Pusey, magistrate Michelle Mykytowycz found on Monday after a contested hearing that began in August.

Pusey, who uses they/them pronouns, pleaded not guilty to two charges of using a carriage service to cause offence.

Ms Mykytowycz acquitted Pusey of the second charge, which alleged Pusey posted a Google review about Porsche Centre Melbourne using a separate image of the crash as the profile picture.

She said while the image was offensive, she was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that it was Pusey and not another person who posted the online review.

Evidence about the AFCA complaint, including reference to Pusey's $2.2 million insurance claim, convinced her Pusey had sent the images to AFCA.

The images were attached to the complaint seen by AFCA staffer Harry Ganavas.

"I felt repulsed and physically ill actually, at the graphic content of those photographs," he said during the contested hearing.

Pusey represented themself in court, cross-examining police about photos of the crash.

"Plenty of people took pictures, it's all over the internet, man. It's not my picture," Pusey had told police when interviewed about the complaint.

Sergeant Josh Parker admitted it was in the "realm of possibility" that there were other photos and videos from the crash still online.

Pusey was also convicted of one charged of committing an offence on bail.

They will face a pre-sentence hearing later on Monday and is expected to be sentenced at a later date.