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Popular dog toys sold at Big W recalled

Popular dog toys sold at Big W have been recalled. Picture: NCA NewsWire / David Geraghty

Big W has issued a recall for two popular pet toys due to concerns they could cause serious injury or death to not just pets but also children.

The products, the Nerf Dog Megaton LED ball and the Megaton LED vortex, don’t have the required warning labels for toys that contain coin or button batteries.

Product Safety Australia (PSA) issued the recall for the items that were on sale from June 8, 2022 to April 1, 2023.

A PSA statement said “severe or fatal injuries can happen in two hours or less” if a battery was swallowed.

Recalled dog toy, NERF Dog Megaton vortex. Picture: Product Services Australia
The Nerf Dog Megaton vortex has been recalled. Picture: Product Services Australia

“There is risk of choking, severe internal burn injuries or death to young children if they gain access to the button/coin batteries and swallow or place them inside their body,” the statement said.

Anyone who owns one of the products is asked to stop using them immediately and contact Gramercy Pet Australia Pty Ltd.

Recalled dog toy, NERF Megaton LED. PIcture: Product Services Australia
So too has the Nerf Megaton LED. Picture: Product Services Australia

The Nerf Dog Megaton LED vortex is listed as TPR/foam-blue/green with the barcode number 846998042307.

The Nerf Dog Megaton LED ball is listed as TPR/foam-blue/orange with barcode number 846998042291.