'Like a tornado': Warning after popular beauty product 'explodes' in car

Nadine Carroll

A concerned mother has taken to social media to warn others, saying a popular beauty item exploded in her daughter’s car and shattered the glass sunroof.

Christine Debrecht, from St. Louis, Missouri, told Fox2now when she first discovered her 19-year-old daughter’s car with a hole in the roof, she thought “something fell from the sky”.

After inspecting the car further, Ms Debrecht found a charred mess inside and a strange white substance throughout the Honda Civic hatchback her teenage daughter had saved hard to buy.

“We were all just shocked, we had no idea what happened,” she told Fox2now.

The sunroof of a Missouri woman's car shattered when a bottle of dry shampoo exploded.
Christine Debrecht thought something had fallen from the sky when she saw her daughter's car. Source: Facebook/Christine Bader Debrecht

“It looked like a tornado had hit the inside of the car.”

It wasn’t until Ms Debrecht and her husband found a bottle of dry shampoo 15 metres away from the car with the bottom missing they realised what had caused the damage.

“This can of dry shampoo was left in my daughter's car's middle console,” the mother wrote on Facebook.

Ms Debrecht wrote on Facebook it was a hot day and the console lid was closed, but the aerosol can had exploded with such force that “it blew the console cover off of its hinges and shot through the sunroof”.

The mother told Fox2now if her daughter had been in the car at the time, it could have been “devastating”.

She said her daughter was “terribly upset” with the state of her car.

The damage inside the car belonging to Christine Debrecht's daughter. She said dry shampoo exploded while it was inside the car on a hot day.
She said the can of dry shampoo exploded in the car because it was a hot day, blowing the lid off the console. Source: Facebook/Christine Bader Debrecht

The brand of the dry shampoo is not sold in Australia, but Ms Debrecht warned people to pay attention to flammable warnings on all aerosol cans.

“I just want to remind you (and your kids) not to leave aerosol cans (and especially dry shampoo, as this seems to be an issue with some brands) in your car,” Ms Debrecht wrote on Facebook.

Despite her daughter being devastated by the damage to her car, she is just happy nobody was injured in the dry shampoo blast.

“I am so grateful that no one was hurt,” Ms Debrecht wrote.

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