Pope appoints new bishop for southeast Vic

Pope Francis has appointed Monsignor Greg Bennet, a priest of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, as the next Bishop of Sale.

Mons Bennet will oversee the Catholic diocese that stretches from Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs, through Gippsland and to the NSW border.

The 57-year-old Bishop-elect, who served as vicar general of the Archdiocese of Melbourne from 2012 to 2019, noted that many in Sale had suffered as a result of recent bushfires.

"The diocese has responded with great care, compassion and charity to those who lived through such a traumatic experience and began to reorient their lives. These efforts have my full support," he said.

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference president Archbishop Mark Coleridge said Mons Bennet's "personal qualities and range of experience in Melbourne and elsewhere will stand him in good stead for what awaits him in Gippsland".

It is not yet known when Mons Bennet will be ordained as the Bishop of Sale.